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15 Bad Habits You Should Break Before You Turn 35 //

Grab a tea, have a seat… you’re going to want to read this one. One of my favorite things to do on days like this (it’s a weekday, not in the office due to a national holiday, thank you MLK.) is troll the web for inspirational sites and just good reads.  I stumbled upon this amazing story written by the talented Melanie Rud Chadwick for and thought the best way for you all to enjoy it is to simply repost it.

It’s that good, very informative and lessons I believe any woman despite age can relate to.  We all have bad habits we need to break and this one spoke to me seeing as I’ll be turning 35 this year!   Personally, I 100% agree with apologizing for things that I no longer need to be sorry for.  Another bad habit I plan to break this year is allowing fear to stop me from going after the things I want.  The only way to accomplish your goals is to precisely do the things that scare you!

15 Bad Habits You Should Break Before You Turn 35

My tip for pushing yourself to break these bad habits?  Write them down.  If not all of these 15 habits apply to you… select 15 that do.  Force yourself to complete (or break free) the habits by choosing a cut off date.  You would be surprised how much more efficient and productive you become when you write it down.  I for one can write all 15 down and then some!

Enjoy the read and do let me know what bad habits you plan to break this year!

Besos, VS

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  1. Loved this – do you know I’m really bad at ditching my other half for girls nights! It’s something I realised at the end of last year when I was getting all dressed up for a posh dinner and leaving him at home! I must make more effort to plan things like that for us as a couple from now on 😆

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