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Negro y Blanco 😻

The ultimate color duo: Negro y Blanco (black & white, for my non-Spanish speaking amigas) are two of the most common color combinations because they literally look good paired in any combination and looks so chic on everyone!  It’s my go-to when I don’t have the time to think… I just throw it on and it works.   There are times when I say to myself, “Try and get this in a nice color.  Put down the black! Put down the white!” and I just can’t seem to quit the black and white pieces. It seems that I rubbed off on bae too since we now consider this our uniform.   Negro Y Blanco… we heart you.


Want some major fashion inspo?  Here are other fashion mavens showing you beautiful ways to play with the color combo… te digo que el vestir en negro y blanco siempre estará de moda!

@MicahGianneli #Killingit

@VivaLuxury turns a classic schoolgirl jacket into a street chic fashion moment!

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