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Fall Jackets

Fall is here amigas and there’s nothing like a good fall jacket to keep your body “climate controlled” since we know how bipolar the weather can be during this time of year. I’ve picked out 5 fall jackets that you need to have in your closet this season.  Consider these more than just fall jackets, these are also the perfect transition pieces.  It’s all about how you rock it anyway.

#1 The denim jacket:

I can’t even begin to tell you the ways that a denim jacket can add some edge to any outfit. There are many but for purposes of this story is that it keeps you just the right amount of warmth without making you feel all sweaty in the pits.  I particularly love the ones that feel like they’ve been worn by an entire village.  You can wear a jacket all year round so this is a savvy investment if you ask me 🙂


#2 The leather jacket:

Straight up now let me tell you that a leather jacket is so versatile that you can literally drape it over the shoulders when you are wearing a gown and also throw it on for a date night out.  A leather jacket is so easy to layer over a knit top, crop top and even a sweater for that extra cozy feeling.  I bought a leather jacket from Zara (similar one here) over 4 years ago and I have rocked it to death. I get compliments every time I wear it.


#3 Faux Fur Jacket:

A good faux fur jacket can dramatize any look without breaking the bank. It gives any look a rich and glamorous edge.  My fave style is the cropped cut because you can wear it with anything underneath… and I mean anything or nothing at all (wink wink).


#4 Trench Coat:

The holy grail of outerwear is finding a good trench coat. It’s hard, I’m not gonna lie.  Many are stiff and boxy.  In my opinion, the trench should be belted, have some movement and the skirt of the trench shouldn’t be a dramatic A-line shape otherwise it will leave you looking very bottom heavy and unproportioned.  I’m surprised the word fall isn’t written within trench coat because it is literally a must-have for the season.


#5 The Bomber:

Every fashionista will be rocking the bomber this season and the next and the next.  Basically, if you want to look dope and edgy and give your Instagram some #streetstyle worthly looks then pop on a bomber jacket.  A fall jacket needs to embody your personality and with the bomber, you can get really creative.  Of all of the jackets, the most variation I have ever seen are presented in bombers. You can do silk, cotton, polyester, floral, metallic and they are much easier to customize versus any other fall jacket.  My personal fave is the one I picked up from Ivy Revel

 A few sites with some amazing styles to choose from:

Ivy Revel, Asos, Revolve

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