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Entertain like a celeb

LVG Contributor Series: Kathleen Pagan of Endlessly Elated show us a thing or two about entertaining like a celeb and her entrepreneurial journey. #BossBabe

As someone who frequently has fiestas in her home, entertaining could be exhausting.  It’s easy to make a run to party city and gather whatever plastic you can find to “dress up the place” but after attending a few lack luster events myself, I have come to the realization that there is magic behind entertaining like a celeb.  How do they do it?  Ok well for starters they don’t do it alone, so don’t feel bad.  In decor alone, you can spend a pretty penny, but there are ways to dress up the place without breaking the bank! I usually turn to Pinterest or stalk my fave lifestyle bloggers for inspo.  One of those fave lifestyle bloggers is a determined boss babe who gives us an inside peek at what’s it’s like to entertain and be in the know on all things food, decor, and style.  Beyond her expertly crafted soiree’s, I was intrigued to know the woman behind the company… let’s get to know this amazing chica! 

Since we’re getting to know each other a little more intimately…

What’s your name?  Kathleen Pagan

What’s your sign? Capricorn

What’s your drink of choice?  Riesling or rosé. A girl can’t choose!

Company name? Endlessly Elated

Describe yourself in 3 words: Girl Boss, Determined, and Strong

As a lifestyle expert, what does your day to day trabajo look like? Ahhh, a day in the life. Let’s see. It usually consists of me sitting at home anywhere between 12-15 hours doing backend work. Editorial content planning, media strategy development, conference calls, meetings, sending out proposals, and the lists goes on. Not sexy at all!

What inspired you to break out and start your own biz? Unfortunately, it was my dad’s passing. A defining moment in my life to say the least. It was the first time that I stopped just ‘doing’.  My dad passed away at the age of 62 so it became a period of “Am I?” “Am I doing what I want in life?” “Am I living life to my fullest potential?” In search, I realized that although I was blessed to have a supportive family, great friends, and an amazing boyfriend (then turned husband) something didn’t feel right. In the work department, something was missing. I wasn’t doing anything that made me feel passionate. So, roughly two weeks after my dad’s passing, I founded Endlessly Elated, strategically a name I chose to ensure it serves as a daily reminder to live a fulfilled life.

What is a lifestyle expert? By definition, a lifestyle expert is someone who serves as a guide for everyday living. Topics such as hosting dinner parties, recipes on food and cocktails and tips on decorating your home are all covered areas. Think of us as one stop shops for everyday living!

When you decided on what you wanted to pursue (Endlessly Elated), what was your first move? My first move was to register my company. Very early on, I’m talking days after I paid I think it was $125 dollars and it was official, Endlessly Elated was an LLC. I think my finance background definitely helps. I knew this would be my company, my business and therefore I had to treat it as such. The long term plan has always been to do big things in both the digital space (helping my community!) and in the lifestyle category (think products!), so having a registered company goes without saying.

What life experiences shaped the woman and business woman you are today?  Well, of course, my dad’s death shook me to my core and truly shaped me into the woman I am. The woman I strive to be every day, but my mom taught me what strength looks like. What living life with the cards you’ve been dealt and pushing through, actually means. She’s my hero! My dad was sick for so long and my mom would take walks around the block, sob, come back and get back to business. Never complaining or becoming bitter. I don’t know anyone stronger. She’s truly the woman I aspire to be! In business, I owe it to my corporate career and the amazing mentors I’ve had. People who have gone to bat for me, who taught me never to take no for an answer and who always believed in me. When I resigned, my boss wrote this heartfelt email announcing my resignation, stating how proud she was of me and how excited she was to follow my journey. I’m so grateful!

Quick fire:

3 pieces of advice for an ultimate dinner event? Don’t stress out, don’t stress out, oh and yeah don’t stress out! I think we overcomplicate things when we entertain. It can be simple. A bottle of wine, some cheese, and crackers. Done!

3 beauty must haves? A good skin regime to prevent those pesky wrinkles, mascara—a girl needs to look alive and the perfect nude lip gloss/stick.

3 things you do when you wake up in the morning?  First thing I do is brush my teeth (I think I don’t even open my eyes before doing this), check my phone (I know, horrible!), and then make myself a latte or go for a Starbucks run.

Any advice for girls looking to break into vlogging?  I would say, “Just go for it.” Pick up your phone, hit record and start vlogging. I know it sounds cliché but truthfully we, as woman love to suffer (me included!) from the “It Needs to Be Perfect” syndrome and honestly, we can sometimes stand in our own way. Letting fear creep in can get the best of us. It took me five years to quit my corporate job! All because of the “It Needs to Be Perfect” So, my number one advice is no matter what, just do it.

How do you get your brand name out there? What should beginners look to do? Social media is such a huge tool. If used correctly, it builds brand equity like nothing else. To establish yourself, start consistently posting. Make your posts relevant and engage with your community. It takes time and nothing happens over night, but slowly you’ll see the fruits of your labor and your brand is sure to grow.

In your entrepreneurial journey… what are some lessons you’ve learned and how did you tackle any setbacks? How long do you have? Ha-ha! For starters, who ever came up with the word balance lied. Entrepreneurs and for that matter, all who are passionate about their pursuits…do not have balance. I sometimes forget when the last time I ate was. It’s not good and I’m certainly not romanticizing the idea that working till you burn out is the way to go. It’s not. However, it is something I’m working hard to improve. I now schedule a meeting to eat! I would also say that one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is ensuring you know your worth, that you value yourself. People will underestimate your ability to do so and will sometimes attempt to get over on you. So the lesson here is, always be confident in both yourself and the work you produce. Lastly, but I would say the most important one is things are going to get tough and not everything will go your way. Don’t give up. Remember you set out to do this and giving up is not an option. So, get to the finish line and show them who’s boss!

Any misconceptions about being a lifestyle expert? Yaaaaas! That I have it all together, all the time. I constantly have to remind people that my house is not always spotless, that home cooked meals are not a daily thing and that more often than not I’m a hot mess! Ha-ha! It’s what makes me human and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

What is your pet peeve?  Nothing riles me up than waiting around for someone. It makes me feel like they’re telling me—your time is not valuable! It really pisses me off. Errrr! Disclaimer—I understand it happens once in a while because of a circumstance or situation, but consistently is a no, no!

What new projects are you working on? So many! First, I just hosted my very first Fem Think Tank Event. An intimate event for like-minded women, aspiring to be digital entrepreneurs to gather and discuss each other’s journeys and inspire one another to go after their passions. It was amazing and I’m in the midst of trying to expand it. So stay tuned! In October, I’ll also be launching an eight-week online course, to help digital influencers manage their blogs/YouTube channels like businesses—hello, finance background! Best of all, when I reach 1,000 sign ups I’ll be gifting $5k dollars to one lucky course taker so they too can start their journey. There is so much going on right now and I’m eternally grateful. This year has truly been amazing!

What is your favorite recipe to make?  My favorite recipe to make is hands down my mom’s burger recipe. It’s just so amazing and the burgers always come out juicy, but more than that it makes me feel so nostalgic about my childhood. My mom would only make these for family parties, BBQs, etc. so it really brings back fond memories!

When on a date, what advice for men/women who are looking court someone special? Be thoughtful and kind. These two things go a very long way and regardless of whether you hit it off or not, being considerate is never going to be a bad thing. It’s actually pretty impressive. Oh yeah, and be yourself. I often tell people, it’s your only superpower—so use it.

If you had the power to change 1 thing in society today, what would it be? Probably one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. There are so many things I want to change right now. I feel like the world around me is sadly going backwards and falling apart before my eyes. It truly weighs heavy on my heart. I’m a woman and a woman of color at that. The shenanigans that are going on are just heartbreaking, but my mission has always been to elevate and empower women. I’m truly a girl’s girl. To once and for all break that goddamn glass ceiling, so that every little girl regardless of her circumstances feels like she has a seat at the table. During my Fem think Tank Event, one of our speakers (Denisse) said something very profound. She was asked during a contract negotiation why she should have a seat at the table and she said because she was the table. Truly powerful. Without the table, there are no discussions to have or seats to be sat on. So forget the seat, be the table!

What artists are you currently listening to? Now and days, I’m actually less into music (besides what has become the national anthem—Despacito) and more into listening to podcasts. “How I Built This” just gets me fired up and I try and listen to it every morning. Ted Talks Daily is also on the top of my list. Oh and when I want to get my inner feminist on my friends over at Morado Lens know how to do the trick.

Sadly, now we say goodbye.  Any parting (for now) words?  Yes, celebrate everyday life!  It’s the reason why Endlessly Elated exists. The food recipes, entertaining tips, and home décor advice that’s my work. The celebrating life is my why.  Life is too short so gather your family and friends and celebrate “just because” moments instead of waiting for that one big event!

Love Kathleen as much as I do?  Follow her on her Insta ahora @EndlesslyElated 


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