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Balance My Dear // Balance Mi Querida

Between your own self doubts… work… love life or lack of… family and life in general. How do you handle it all? How do you de-clutter your mind so that you maintain your sanity as you hold the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Despite the many self help articles, inspirational posts and even puppy videos to distract you from all that is in your cabeza, I leaned on an exercise I picked up year ago when I found myself fatigued with anxiety.  Over think much? If so, keep reading.

Give yourself a “me” session where you stop to wonder, do I have enough balance in my life??   I had been Instagram stalking, looking at all of these accomplished women (I purposely didn’t add “” to the accomplished word because perception is reality, so they succeeding there) and it left me feeling blah.

I wondered if I’m doing something wrong because unlike the rest of the world (how it seemed at that time) I did not have the time to post about all of my adventures, my charitable contributions, my awesome outfits, my funny thoughts, my cute pup, so on and so on.  Anyway, after an Insta-binge fest where I shamelessly scrolled through every photo of said social influencers, I quickly made a “must-do” list of things I have to accomplish by end of year and after getting through the 33 items on the list I thought, how the fuck am I going to do it all?

Two key words: Prioritization and balance.   I had to remember that the art of balancing your life is never forgetting to do something that makes you happy.  Something that brings you shameless unexerted joy.   I looked at the list again and realized that I was not being realistic.  I needed to find balance between the must-do and want-to-do.  So I went through the exercise of prioritizing that list of 33 items again and cut it down to 6.  Just 6.  6 things that I want to achieve by years end… one step at a damn time.

Why the image of the burger you wonder?  It’s all about balance my dear… it does you no harm to indulge from time to time.   Don’t forget, this life is worth living… and you can’t live without experiencing… and yes that does include enjoying a delicious juicy burger from time to time.

Besos, VS

Image Courtesy of Chris Craymer for Vogue

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