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Nailing It! Your summer nails bible

Summertime always encourages your inner freak to come out. It’s a season of experimentation! Can you smell the nail polish remover yet? Here are some Instagram worthy #nailinspo to get you through any of your adventures.  I highly encourage you to look at this as your summer nail designs bible. I’m currently crushing on the blush tones this season; it compliments any skin tone and practically goes with any summer outfit you can dream up!

One my fave nail artists @RiceKittyNails aka Diana Nguyen serves up some serious nail envy.  If you are into unicorns this summer or at the very least have your head in the clouds, this one is for you! (Featured image is also one of her exquisite designs)

Bright white is always a must-do, add some embellishments via @nailartist_vseyarusi to step up your nail game.

So I have a nail crush… @RiceKittyNails


Florals will always be in and lavender is a known soothing agent… give this style a whirl when your inner freak needs some zen @chalkboardnails

All of your summer plans should include being on a yacht!  If you can’t make it to a real life luxury water raft, then draw inspiration from this nautical theme design courtesy of @nazh_s

Besos, VS #LVG

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