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I Ate My Way Through Nashville

One “quick” road trip later and I estimate that 23 biscuits with lots of gravy were consumed. A far cry from my typical (and equally delicious) arroz con pollo but I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of those fluffy, delicious, southern biscuits.   The intentions that I put out in the universe are: Have a good time, pick up some Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley vibes when I visit Sun Studios and eat my face off.  The outcome?  I binge listened to Johnny and Elvis on the 14 hour drive back to Nueva York, belly is satisfied for days and I learned that the term southern hospitality actually has some truth to it.  Y ahora I will share some of my favorite jaunts that you should check out because your stomach will love you so much.  Introducing:  The best places to eat in Nashville. De Nada!

I Ate My Way Through Nashville // Me Comi Mi Camino a Traves de Nashville

Blue Plate Cafe – this humble family spot is actually in Memphis but worth a mention.  If your first stop in Tennessee is Graceland or Sun Studios, then this charming spot should be next on your list.   I went for breakfast ordered Biscuits with mucho gravy to start because why not right?  Many of the menu items come with the traditional biscuits but I am President Mc Fatty and wanted more than one.  Many of the other items on the menu also come with an order of fluffy pancakes which when in contact with your boca induces a joy like no other.   I ordered the florentine eggs benedict (essentially cream spinach beneath a poached egg) and lucky for me I was blessed with an order of pancakes… instead of bonchinchando about my meal… I suggest you check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Sun Studios  & Graceland – You don’t have to be a massive Johnny or Elvis fan to appreciate the historical richness and spiritual grandeur that you will experience when visiting either landmark.  I am a music huge aficionado, in fact my childhood dream was to be a singer, so any music lover would enjoy the Sun Studios tour.  I got the tingles, good vibes and even sparked my passion again to get involved with the musica in some way again.

Back to the comida….

The Stillery in downtown Nashville will give you all of the good feels that your belly needs after you enjoy their famed mac and cheese with the hot chicken on top, the extra $4 for the chicken is so worth it.   Also, they make a mean Arnold Palmer… there is something special about the sugar in the south.

Jack Daniel’s Distillery is a must visit (and drink).  Although a little outside of Nash, about a 2 hour drive, you will walk (or perhaps stumble) away with rich knowledge on how your favorite booze is made.  P.S. Have a pep talk with your nose before the tour, as you will get to sniff some of the barrels where this famed whiskey is aged and also get to have a sniff (at your own risk) of the fermentation process.  Salud!

City House, located in the Germantown neighborhood of Nash has this lovely gem of a place that serves us farm to table rustic Italian cuisine.  Honest truth? My favorite part were the cocktails skillfully crafted by Carmen.

oh and back to Memphis… perhaps my story should have been called ‘I ate my way through Tennessee’.

Central BBQ, is ridiculous.  Don’t be alarmed by the less than glitzy surroundings just know that the lines move quickly and the comida is worth licking your fingers for.

Buen Provecho!  Besos, VS.

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