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Winter Proofing Tu Piel

Winter is fucking here (for those living in the mid/north east). The older I got the more I realize the importance of moisturizing your skin. ESPECIALLY during the brutal winter months.  Living in a pre-war apartment, I have zero control over the heat output of my radiator (despite the unfairness that my bank account is subjected to every month because I rent in NYC) so I’ve deployed the swat team of moisturizers to make sure that my skin doesn’t awake competing with the lines with those found in the Mohave desert.

RESCUE – the name says it all.  It’s the most practical combo set of serum and moisturizer to ensure that your skin remains hydrated. They come in single serve packets which makes this the no-brainer product to travel with.  Keep a few in your purse and you shall always remain hydrated. I cannot travel without these bad boys. 

Clinique Moisture SurgeTHIS is what I’ve been using this winter when I need that extra moisture boost – I guess the name does say it all!  The texture feels amazing! It’s as if you gave your pores tiny little straws and let them sip on this goodness. Your skin will say “Aaaaah”.


Boots Botanic Organic Face Oil – This beauty bargain es muy poderoso and delivers omega rich rosehip extract which is a natural source of essential fatty acids y tambien it helps protect your skin cells from sun damage.

Sephora Collection Hand Mask – Porfavor don’t forget about your hands.  Besides your under eyes and neck, your hands show the first signs of aging and you can’t tell me that during the winter months your hands don’t feel like sandpaper, because they do!  Well this will fix it for you… disfruta!

**Featured image of Zendaya is from Hunter Magazine.

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