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Nadia XO Beauty Rules


LVG Contributor Series:  Nadia Cruz of Nadia XO

Fear is known to be the biggest obstacle in anyone’s life.   Getting over said fear is to allow yourself to be open and vulnerable.  Thus sharing your passions and interest in a public forum takes some cojones. 

That’s why I love supporting and admire amazing chicas who step out of their comfort zone to put themselves out there for something they believe in.  Blogging may seem like all you do is dress up and take pretty pictures (yes, that is a big component of the process), but what some don’t understand is that blogging also requires editorial planning, constantly coming up with new material to write or vlog (video blogging) about and spending money on something that will take a while to show a return (a big misconception is that you make money out of the gate and that brands are beating down at your door to send you products).   For many of us the biggest and scariest part of blogging is sharing those photos and videos to the masses.  Nadia has overcome many of her own personal insecurities to showcase her unique blend of street chic style with old Hollywood beauty glamour despite the everyday challenges of being a full-time mom.  I asked Nadia to share a bit more of her journey especially because she challenges those very misconceptions about the fashion and beauty blogging industry.  It is with grace and class that Nadia styles all of her dope outfits and what I and her fans appreciate the most is her ability to create looks on a budget.  She makes it work and like us she overcomes personal struggles every day, yet she doesn’t let that stop her ambition of showcasing what she’s passionate about.

1. What inspired you to get started and what was your first move?

I’ve always had a serious love for fashion & beauty, I didn’t grow up with much so I could never really have any of what I would admire in magazines but, I always made it work on a budget. That love went on for many years I just never thought I could be a part of the fashion industry. Being the first generation American in my family I wasn’t really aware of what my options were as far as a career in fashion went.

I ended up working for a Pharma company for 5 years.  That company was bought out and I was let go, I knew that I needed to take the time to look for something more than just a job. It was a blessing in disguise. I decided that I wanted to do something I was truly passionate about.  At this point I had developed a reputation for my sense of style and my gift of finding the most insane sales, amongst my circle of friends. They would always ask me where, when and how. Blogs were fairly new not many people were doing it at the time and I was inspired by the bloggers that I did follow and I played around with the idea of starting a blog to kind of show people how I do it. During that same time I went to a shoe event with a friend and I met Daniela from Nany’s Klozet and Ashley from Ashes into Fashion (they were both hosting the event). I had been thinking of starting a blog for a while, but didn’t know where or how to start. So when I met these two amazing bloggers and told them I was playing around with the idea, they were super helpful and encouraging and that same night I went home and started to work on creating my blog.

2. What life experiences led you to this point?  

From what I remember from our college days, blogging was not a subject matter 🙂 (PSA: Nadia and I met in college!).  Being let go from my corporate job. I realized in order to be a boss I was going to have to create my own brand if I ever wanted to be in control of my own destiny. For me the only way to do that was to do what I felt truly passionate about.

 3. What are some of your beauty rules?

My biggest beauty tip is to: Take care of your skin. Remove your makeup every day, incorporate a serum, moisturizer, eye cream & toner into your daily routine. These aren’t general rules, these are literally practices that I can’t live without.  The earlier you start this routine the better…. Trust me!

4. What are some of your all-time beauty products?

My all-time beauty products are, eyeliner and mascara, I feel that they open your eyes and give you fresh look. If I only have a few minutes to “get it together”, work on your eyes to brighten up the face.

5. Does your Latin heritage have anything to do with what kind of products you use and how does (if at all) does it define your fashion and makeup style?

Absolutely! My first fashion icon was my mom, she had the most amazing shoes and accessories. I was always in awe of her outfits and when she wasn’t looking I would put on all of her stuff. I think I ruined a few shoes but I never got in trouble for it, I think deep inside she was proud of her little fashionista. I have a daughter and I get really excited when she tries to put together outfits, so I get it now, however I am not sure how proud I would be if she ruined a pair of Louboutin’s  LOL!

I think Latinas for the most part are very into fashion and beauty and taking care of themselves. My grandmother would preach about using moisturizer and she insisted that my cousins and I start using Oil of Olay in High school. Thanks to her I am very strict with my skin care routine and I think it is working. People have such hard time believing I’m 34.

6. Any advice for any girls looking to break into beauty blogging? 

It’s not easy, and in the beginning you will feel like your hard work goes unnoticed, but trust me someone is appreciating your work. Continue to give it your all and take advantage of social media, work the hash tags, tag the brands and send e-mails to brand PR’s. That was probably the hardest thing for me, I was so afraid of being rejected but that is something I learned to quickly get over. Not everyone got back to me but the ones that did were so sweet and welcoming and that gave me the confidence to continue to send e-mails and hustle.

7. What are some things that you learned along the way? 

That being your own boss is a lot harder than it looks.  I am not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok.  I realized I am capable of so many things that I never knew I was capable of and that to me is worth more than anything. The best gift to myself? Discovering how bad ass I can be.





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