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Styling your fiesta like a boss


LVG Contributor Series: Helen Guzman of Bonito Design

There are a few key elements for the ultimate stylish soiree…. music and food set the tone,  the vibe though? is set by the theme and design of the event.  Helen Guzman is the creative director and founder of Bonito Design and this chic latina shares some tips and tricks on how to style your fiesta like a boss.  

Give us the scoop, what really goes behind styling an event?

Honestly? Creativity, patience (y mucha paciencia), heart, lots of shopping, sleepless nights prepping, tons of texts/emails and improvising. Things don’t always go as planned so improvisation and creativity are two skills that will always shine when styling an event.  

What are your tips & tricks on styling a dope event?

For the DIY individuals, I say give yourself time to plan.  Start with the theme, if you have one.  If you don’t have a theme in mind, pick your desired colors and let that guide you. Pinterest is a good resource for ideas. I usually have a secret board for all my projects and I pin all images that inspire me. If you don’t use Pinterest, I recommend an actual mood board to help your vision.  If you like arts & crafts, adding fabrics, pictures and accessories to a mood board will give you the right amount of inspiration to fine tune your event theme.  

An important tip is to pay attention to details.  Sometimes it’s the small details that make a big impact.  One of my favorite things to style with are flowers because that can make any setting prettier. 

If you do not want to DIY (because let’s face it, who has the time??!) I advise that you allow an expert to bring your vision to life for you.  At Bonito Design, it is my job to help guide the design process and trust that you will benefit from using an expert. A big misconception is that by avoiding the help of an expert you will spend less money. In fact, I find that many who take on the task of styling an event on their own end up spending more money.  

Give us the chisme on some of the fun events you have designed. 

I recently styled a Chanel themed event.  I always say that elegance never goes out of style and this event allowed me to combine my love for fashion and of the iconic design house.   Never underestimate the power of simplicity and “understated” colors such as black and white.  I also had the privilege of styling the annual Operation Shower event which delivers donations for baby showers for military families.  It’s a great feeling to be able to do what I love for some very deserving people.  

How did you get started?

I started Bonito Design by designing modern Spanglish greeting cards. I noticed a huge void in the market and decided to create stylish and quirky bi-lingual greeting cards.  Since then Bonito has evolved to designing invitations for celebrations as well. About two years later I helped a friend with an event and that was it for me. Love at first sight and here I am. Ha.

Que te motiva (what inspires you)?

Music, Videos, Art, Nature, Magazines, Colors, Pinterest, Spaces, Texture, People, Quotes, Conversations… I mean everything around me! My brain is on constant work mode even if I don’t think I am. I always have ideas roaming in my head that I constantly jot down when I get inspired.  It’s the best part of the my job, bringing all of my inspirations to life.


Quieres Mas?  Visita Bonito Design @ and check out Helen’s Instagram for daily inspiration and a peak into her stylish events.  


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