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Closet Cleanse // Limpieza De Armario

The age old problem of having a closet full of stuff but nothing to wear.  You have to admit, at some point this year you rummaged through everything you own, let out an exasperated sigh and then came to the “realization” that you have nothing to wear.   Such was the dilemma I faced, when I frantically combed through my closet trying to find the perfect outfit for the day.  Then it hit me, the problem wasn’t the lack of items to choose from, the problem was that my closet/wardrobe was un-edited, there was just too much.  A poorly organized closet is just as bad as a closet full of “options”.  So I embarked on operation ‘Closet Cleanse’, and created 3 categories; wear now, wear later (save for the next season) and give away.

The cleanse began with pulling every piece of item I own and then proceeded to put every single thing on.  As an optimist, I tend to think of where I could potentially wear something to or if I get to a certain weight then this would look best, if there are any if’s to an item you are wearing then that item should immediately go into the ‘give away’ category.    Such is the case in life – if you have to question something or if it feels forced, my motto as of late is just to ‘let it go’.  Eliminating the unnecessary not only creates space for a more thoughtful wardrobe, but gives you the space to include additional complementing pieces that you truly need.   This sentiment applies to your personal life as well – when you declutter your life, you finally make room for the things that matter most and it can simply be more time for yourself.

The same can be said with handbags.  While it’s easy to hold on to bags that can fit everything, at the end of the day, don’t you just feel weighed down?  Which is why I limit the number of bags where I can fit my entire apartment into, otherwise your just carrying stuff, aka baggage. I took a step back for a bit of self evaluation, and created 3 categories for which I would apply to my handbag collection; practicality, function and style.   Any other bag that took up space in my little cubby would be donated.  I also thought, if I didn’t use a bag within the last 18 months, well then I likely won’t use it within the next 18 months.  So, let it go.

I then moved on to the shoes and thought… nah, you can’t ever have too many.  So I kept it moving because I am not going to part with any of my shoes just yet!  The cleanse was not only good for my closet but for my sanity.  The process of evaluating what is truly needed for yourself and parting with some things that feel nice to have but aren’t necessary is hard.  So while I embarked on this challenge with trepidation, I emerged on the other side feeling accomplished.  The process of cleansing your closet can take on a deeper meaning – while it may seem like you are getting rid of just “stuff”, you are programming yourself to make more decisive decisions on what needs to stay in your life and what you can part with.


Shoot Location: Inwood, NY

Photographer:  Peter On Post

Dress: Alice & Olivia

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