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Better Than Therapy // Mejor Que La Terapia


My homie always says, “Good friends are like stars… You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there”.  If you are truly lucky, you have that one person who is your person that you can call for anything (and I mean anything).

True friends don’t ask “why” when you call, they say “what do you need me to do”.  I’m extremely fortunate as I have the most dynamic, intelligent, dope, chic, confident and beautiful group of women in my life.  There is nothing like the time you spend with a group of chicks.  Give us an hour and we can cover over 10 topics ranging from business ideas, current trends, who’s being shady, TV shows we are loving, sex that we are and aren’t having and setting a date for the next get together. When one of us is in need, we rally up get the wine and get to the point – solving issues, heartaches and world problems along the way.

Having someone who understands what it’s like to walk in your heels is exhilarating.  There are times though where you end up taking different roads and you don’t speak for a while. That’s not always a bad thing because sometimes you just need space to recover from whatever tore you apart to begin with.  Through the years I’ve continued to build amazing friendships but I’ve also realized that I no longer care for the quantity of friends – the quality (and this can be applied to everything in life) is far more significant.

A true testament of your friendship is when you are able to pick up where you left off regardless of the time that has elapsed since your last time together.  An even greater testament is when you rekindle with a friend after a long and sad pause.  It takes a big person to apologize for their mistakes and ask for forgiveness so that you may ride off into the sunset once again. I’ve been lucky to have this happen to me… and I say lucky because you end up having a greater appreciation for that friendship.  When you are very close to your gals, you will see the good,  the bad and the fucked up.  The lesson is in how you bounce back from the bad and/or fucked up.

I say, save yourself some dinero and pencil in that quality time with your chicas.  It does your mind, soul and body some good.  My beautiful friendships have helped me stay sane and have allowed me to laugh as if nothing ever happened thus allowing me to escape from whatever issues have plagued me in that moment and for that I am eternally grateful to my girls. I can’t even tell you the lessons I have learned from a group session with the girls; we all have something valuable to share and something valuable to learn… so listen up.

Friends come in different varieties – whatever they may be, cherish them and remember to always find time to enjoy some fine wine with your girls.  Not all pictured here – but you get my drift.  Reminder: Take More Photos!!!! Love you ladies. Besos, VS.

Picture illustration courtesy of Brittany Fuson. Quote courtesy of LaVidaGlamour.

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