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Growing Pains // Dolores Con El Crecer

You never stop learning… that is both the beauty and jagged edge about esta vida. Life throws you curve balls and the humans in your life are sure to provide you with enough drama that would put any telenovela to shame.

It’s fair to say that we have the capacity to change with every passing year or life altering experience – which can be a good thing (if the change is for the better).  Theory of evolution would dictate that humans are expected to develop – we live longer, have become wiser (well some of us – does not apply to the ignorant), continuously test the meaning of miracles and are pushing the envelope on innovation and how we use technology. (Ok confession time, as a kid I legit thought that I would live like the Jetsons in my adult life. Confession over.) 

As you evolve, you learn to take responsibility for your actions – you realize that your reactions and non-actions have consequences.  You also learn that people can change based on experiences and you tend to become a fantastic bullshit reader. So when you’re BS alarm goes off, you know that you are no longer looking at the person whom you thought you knew.

You know that part in telenovelas where one of the actors has a minor injury but somehow this radically changes who they are or even get amnesia? Well, what doesn’t cease to amaze me is when said adults don’t follow what should be the natural pattern of emotional growth and come down with a case of the telenovelas.  To that I say, change the channel – no one likes dealing with people who over act anyway! Sometimes it’s best to extract yourself and understand that some people can’t cope with the reality of a situation so they must stand behind a mask.

Certain situations make it easy to let people (and their masks) go, but at times it also comes with agony. Every changes has an effect – whether emotional or mental, there is a reaction to every action. The moral of the story is about how you cope with the action and come out of it a more evolved human, thus producing a meaningful reaction.   I also find that keeping yourself surrounded by strong minded (and stable) friends will help you through the growing pains as you navigate those changes that are a natural occurrence of the human evolution part of life.  I conclude by telling my amazing group of friends who keep me sane and love my insane – I love you and I know you love me back.  To my friends who are currently enduring life changes  – we got your back boo. End scene.


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